Ross-on-Wye view

The skyline of Ross-on-Wye is dominated by the spire of St Mary's Church.  The church is 700 years old and the alms houses next to the church (the Rudhall almshouses see below right) are also very old and authentic.

Ross-on-Wye Market   <img src=

In the centre of the town is the striking red sandstone Market House which still holds markets 2 days a week. It was built around 1650 and now houses the Visitor Heritage Centre on the upper floor.

Ross-on-Wye is the unlikely birthplace of English tourism due to a Rector taking friends on boat trips on the River Wye to the Forest of Dean and in 1782, William Gilpin's "Observations on the River Wye" became the first illustrated tour guide to be published.

The tower in the picture below is called the Gazebo Tower and was constructed (along with  some fake castle walls) in the early 19th century as a gothic viewing tower for the visitors.

Man of Ross pubThe Man of Ross Pub is dedicated to John Kyrle born in Gloucestershire in 1637, but lived mostly in Ross and used his wealth to help the community. It also has an interesting statue outside it representing the Salmon fishing in the Wye river.

Ross-on-Wye is a good town to explore and spend some time to enjoy some great views of the Hereford countryside. There are some good traditional pubs, restaurants and a selection of hotels that make it an ideal base to visit the Forest of Dean.

Ross-on-Wye photos