Leominster shopLeominster (pronounced Lemster) is the second largest town in Herefordshire. The name is possibly derived from the minster of the lei ( a welsh word for flow). It is situated on the conflunce of 2 rivers, the Lugg and the Kenwater. Like a lot of towns in Herefordshire, the welsh have their own name for the town which is Llanllieni. It is an historic town that has been at the centre of the Welsh wars including the Owain Glyndŵr rebellion of 1402.

The area is known as the home of the Ryland sheep breed, so named as they were raised on rye grass.  Their wool was so highly prized in the medieval period that it was named Lemster Ore. This wool trade was a major factor in the importance of the town and this is exemplified by the large church and other building.

Today the market town has a number of the black and white buildings associated with this part of England and Herefordshire in particular.

Leominster has a good selection of antique shops and visitors enjoy hunting for bargains in the charming streets and alleys.


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