Ledbury Market HouseLedbury is another ancient town in Herefordshire and it is mentioned in the Domesday book as Liedeberge. It is situated in the east of the county near the Malvern Hills.

The Market House (pictured right) is deservedly one of the most photographed buidings in Herefordshire. It was built around 1653 and is still used today.

In Church Lane (pictured left) Butchers Row House, is a folk museum with an interesting display of local exhibits and information.

Other important buildings in the area include the Painted Room where a 16th century house has its walls painted with a fascinating combination of pictures and biblical texts.

Church Lane, Ledbury

Eastnor Castle a 19th century mock castle is a few miles outside the town.

Ledbury has been associated with some well known poets in the past. It is the birthplace of John Masefield with the local school being named after him. Also Elizabeth Barrett Browning was brought up in Hope End.

As you can see from the photographs, Ledbury has some beautiful examples of the Black and White buildings, which attracts visitors from far and wide.



Ledbury photos